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    Welcome to Lummi Nation School Library where our students learn through Schelangen (our way of life): academics, community and culture.

    As Spring is about rebirth and growth we see these changes reflected in our library!   We are in the process of cataloguing and organizing our books as we continue to expand and develop our beautiful collection.  Our students are a major part of rebuilding our collection and deeply involved in the process of choosing new titles to add to our shelves.

    Thank you to Librarian Valerie McBeth at Northwest Indian College, the Indigenous Nations Library Program at the University of New Mexico, Librarian Rob Lopresti at Western Washington University,  the Librarians and staff of Whatcom County Library System and the wonderful Librarians in the Bellingham School District for your continued support of Lummi Nation School Library! 

    Lummi Nation School Library in open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m.  – 3:00 p.m.
    Click here for a schedule by classroom (coming soon)

    Book Checkout – Kindergarten students may check out 2 book at a time. Students in grades 1 through 5 may check out 3 books at a time. Middle school students may check out 5 books at a time. High School students may check out as many books at a time as they would like. Students who are engaged in classroom projects, are welcome to check out additional books. All students are encouraged to return to the library as frequently as they would like, to exchange books.

    Teachers, Lummi Nation School staff and our student families are welcome to check out books as well, simply stop by the library and set up an account.

    Special Events – A variety of special events take place in and through the library - check out the online calendar.

    Our Spring Buy-one-Get-one Book Fair starts Monday, April 16th  - 20th!  This is a wonderful opportunity to visit this beautiful space, peruse our shelves, meet the librarian and purchase books for the home!  We also have a table of books available for free!!

    April 17th & 18th: Tamar Clarke, Teen Coordinator for Whatcom County Library System will visit Lummi Nation School Library for Book Talks with our teens!

    The Gift of Books! For the remainder of the academic year, Lummi Nation Librarian Erna Gregory will bring books to your home!  Please contact Erna directly if you would like to sign up for a visit and receive a Gift of Books!

    Birthday Books – Students will enjoy our newest tradition: celebrating birthdays by having their favorite book added to our collection!  Just tell the librarian the title of your favorite book and we will purchase that book using the Scholastic dollars earned from our book fair!  A plate honoring the birthday student is placed in the front of the book and will forever be a part of Lummi Nation School Library collection!  If you would like some suggestions for titles, please contact Ms. Gregory. 

    Overdue books / Lost books / Damaged books – Above all, we want children to read and enjoy books! At the same time, we want to promote responsibility in our students. When books are late, students will receive a reminder note. When books are lost or damaged to the point that they are no longer usable in the library, students and their families are asked to pay what they can toward replacing the book.

    Questions for your librarian? Book suggestions? Don’t hesitate to contact your LNS Library!

    Erna Gregory
    Library Hrs. M-F 8-3pm